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Our Vision

Ladie LeBlanc Enterprises has a vision to be an all in one stop for the consumer. We offer several different products that can enhance your life in several areas.

With a vast array of services for the aspiring writer and author to other entrepreneurs, Ladie LeBlanc strives to give the average person the necessary tools to succeed as a self sufficient business.

With Ladie LeBlanc Enterprises excellence is not only expected, It's delivered.

Our Story

Ladie LeBlanc Enterprises was founded by Michelle LeBlanc, in 2014,  who searched for a place where it was safe for a new and budding professional.

As an up and coming author Michelle experienced the grey areas of the business of publishing, design, and spiritual enlightenment. Determined to make it easier for persons such as herself, Michelle researched and became educated on an array of different areas.

After education Michelle practiced privately before expanding into a business of her own. Ladie LeBlanc Enterprises began by offering only character development and ghost writing and has grown into a full service company.

"Excellence is not only expected, It's delivered."

Meet the Team

No one person can build an empire, it takes a team! Without a solid foundation of knowledgeable people to make day to day operations go by Ladie LeBlanc Enterprises would not work.

Michelle LeBlanc

Founder & CEO

Product of a diverse background who learned to incorporate knowledge and common sense to form a successful business.

Take the Next Step to Enhancement

Whether a newbie or a seasoned vet, Ladie LeBlanc Enterprises has something to fit all your needs.